Lino Tosoni

Lino Tosoni is the President of the Italian IMTCA, and serves as the International Consultant for the organization.

“It took me 32 years to realise how much I love Mountain Trail as a discipline.

Before this happened I graduated in Business Management and Finance at Northeastern University in Boston (MA). Right after I’ve been working in banking as an equity trader of Merryll Lynch in NYC for two years.

Finally I succesfully obtained my MBA diploma in Switzerland. I then spent two more years working in Belgium where I had the opportunity to learn French as a third language.

Lastly, 5 years ago, I joined the family business as Managing Director of one of our Group companies, mainly involved in heavy steel structures and railway technologies. I learnt how to manage complex projects and challenging teams. I can work with both Civils engineers and Mechanicals. I also have a basic knowledge and understanding of Electronics.

Continuing, horses are not my first job but for sure my first passion. I have been riding since I was a child. I started as a cross country rider then I moved to show jumping, finally landing into the western style riding with great love for reining and Mountain Trail. However, I sincerely and truly love all kind of horses, of any breed, no matter how they look like or can do.

I am now proudly part of the Board of Directors of the American IMTCA and President of the Italian IMTCA.

With passionate commitment and strength I am working hard to promote this amazing discipline through the Italian territory. My hope is to make everybody happy and safe, enjoying mountain trail challenges in every region.

Sincerely Yours

Lino M Tosoni”