Trail Obstacles


Two 18’-16” logs, 8 feet apart with eight 8’-6” logs every 30” apart. Every other one will be placed atop the large log. Every 30” place a small notch in the log to hold the 8’ small log. For expos the cross buck can be made by using 4 cavaletti’s and ten, 10’ jump poles.

Balance Beam

(14’ long x 18” wide x 12” high)

Crossed Logs

Logs placed on 2 parallel logs, or on each other,  or cavaletti’s to elevate no more than 16” off the ground on one or both sides.


Twenty, 10’ polesthat are placed on the ground to look like pickup sticksthat the horse learnsto walk through.


You will need at least six logs, 12” to 16” in diameter and 10’ in length. For expos you can use large black pipe that is easy to move.

Raised Back Through

Shown with a Rope Gate Raised back through rails shall be 4’ high by 40”wide, minimum 8’length

Water Box

(4’ wide x 8’ long x 6” tall)

Trestle Bridge

4’ Jump Up

Step into large pond

Stair steps

Dismount and Mount on Rock, Shown as part of water obstacle.

Teeter Totter

(14’ long x 42” wide)

Turn Around Box

(42” x 42” x 12” high)

Rock Obstacle

You will need about 50 medium sized rocks. Each rock should be 12” to 18” in size. Rocks or 50 black nursery pot liners. (Most nurseries have them.)


Small Bridge

(3’ x 12’)

Cake Box

Arched Bridge

Small Puddle

High Balance Beam

10’ to 14’ long X 18” wide X 12” to 16” high

Suspension Bridge

48” wide


Send around rock in pond